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5 solvable tech problems in science

By Andy Chase Aug 27, 2016.

Story of these interviews

For my senior project at Oregon State University I was assigned to work with NASA JPL to build a science tool for researchers to use. These problems are the results of interviews I performed as part of customer validation.


(All interviews referenced are dated 2015-11-19 through 2015-11-24)

(P.1) Software packaging is inadequate

Documentation isn’t always there

Outside code doesn’t work / Isn’t fully tested

Code not available in all languages

Outside code isn’t trusted

Researchers are open to using software packages

(P.2) Work is often re-done / Wasted work

Researchers write software that isn’t saved or reused

Derived Products aren’t trusted

(P.3) Version control is inadequate

(P.4) Knowledge is not shared / Researchers have to learn about things outside their domain

(P.5) Data can be hard to work with

Not indexed in the right way (temporally)

Data not being in the right format / poorly documented formats

Researchers have to deal with a lot of data

Data goes away (or at least used to)

Transcript sources

Here are edited transcripts from the interviews

As a typeset PDF [400kb]