Never keep large amounts of money in your account. does not insure your funds. Bitcoin transactions are irreversible.

Don’t give out your account address.

Anyone can spend your money from your phone as easily as you can. Enable the security features on your phone and don’t let strangers use your phone.


Information kept

  • Analytics information (including your ip) when browsing
  • Timing information associated with using our service.

    The server numbers each requests and logs the time it took to complete that request number.

  • If you send a QR code without an amount you want to send, a one-way hash of your credentials is saved as well as the destination bitcoin address.

    This information is freed from memory after you complete the transaction or after 5 minutes, whichever is first.

Information not kept

  • Your phone number or carrier.
  • Your account address.
  • Any information that would enable us to spend your money.

Services used cannot make guarantees about what they keep or don’t keep.